2014 General Election

The 2014 General Election was yesterday and this time around I got to shoot watch parties instead of the morning voters. Luckily all three Trib shooters were out last night so there wasn’t the burden of having to race around to multiple locations. The watch parties I went to were for Kim Shaw, the Democratic candidate for Division 5 circuit judge, and supporters of Proposition 2. The atmosphere in these smaller races is a far cry from the stuff you see on national TV like large banners, balloons falling from the ceiling, American flags and candidates kissing babies. At my two venues there were only a couple of posters and t-shirts that made the events barely immediately recognizable as election watch parties (besides everyone huddled around iPads checking results). This made it a little more difficult when seeking details shots but luckily the Tribune doesn’t have night deadlines on weekdays so I was able to stay out until winners and losers were announced. The Tribune has a full slideshow of pictures from yesterday but here are my selects from last night:

110414 021a Election - Shaw, Kim ns 110414 017a Election - Proposition 2 110414 013a Election - Shaw, Kim ns 110414 013a Election - Proposition 2 110414 027a Election - Proposition 2 110414 037a Election - Proposition 2 110414 033a Election - Proposition 2 110414 005a Election - Shaw, Kim ns 110414 012a Election - Shaw, Kim ns 110414 024a Election - Shaw, Kim ns

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