2014 Boone County Fair

This past week was devoted mostly to covering the Boone County Fair and I was on task to photograph Tuesday through Saturday. Fun time of year to get some cool features in some nice summer light. I would like to think I’ve made considerable progress since the last time I photographed this fair back in 2012, though I would have liked to have shot more interaction (teenage sweethearts, people eating fried whatever, etc). Anyway, here are some of my favs from this year’s fair: BCF blog 001 BCF blog 002 BCF blog 003 BCF blog 004 BCF blog 005 BCF blog 006 BCF blog 007 BCF blog 008 BCF blog 009 BCF blog 010 BCF blog 011 BCF blog 012 BCF blog 013 BCF blog 014 BCF blog 015 BCF blog 016 BCF blog 017 BCF blog 018 on Friday, July 25, 2014 at the Boone County Fair. BCF blog 020 BCF blog 021 BCF blog 022 BCF blog 023 BCF blog 024


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