First week at the Journal Star

It’s been a week since I’ve started work at the Journal Star here in Peoria, Illinois and I’m glad to say I haven’t screwed anything up yet. It’s been two years since I worked at the Columbia Missourian and about a year since any daily assignment work. With that said it’s reassuring that I haven’t felt too rusty out on assignment this past week. Granted, most of my assignments have been feature or enterprise photos. Actually, the only thing I could get caught up on is getting faster with production work flow. With the Journal Star everything from choosing images, toning, and uploading to web/for print is up to me. I’ve got the hang of getting through all the steps without having to ask many questions at this time so I think I’ll be able to get to the pace I want by the end of this week. Peoria is a pretty cool town. It’s got some incredible landscape views (especially of the river), a decent size downtown, and plenty of urban environments to explore. Working at the paper is laid back enough that I’ve never been overwhelmed with much of anything, which I’m sure will change at some point when the weeks will get busier. Anyway, here are some of my selects:













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