Spontaneous CPOY blog photographer

One of the things I appreciate most about studying at the Missouri School of Journalism is our access to the judging of renowned, national photo competitions, Pictures of the Year International and College Photographer of the Year. This past week was the 67th judging of the College Photographer of the Year and my fourth attendance in viewing. It’s one thing to see all the winners on the website, but to be able to view the entire process of judging 14,000 images and multimedia projects is always a special experience to be a part of. It’s the one week where you can’t help but talk about photos everyday, all day. I love it. Plus we have the unique experience to interact with the judges to ask questions and maybe even hang out with after judging is over.

Since I graduate this December, this is the last year I’ll be a student observer of the competition. During the 65th year, I produced still and multimedia content of the judging for the CPOY blog, but this year by the second day of judging I noticed no one was doing anything for the blog. While I didn’t volunteer for the position before the start of the competition, I was compelled to do the work myself as I couldn’t stand by and such a respected competition’s blog section go invisible for a year. Here are some of the images I put up on this year’s blog:

This year I also felt a little better about my own entries to the competition than I did last year. In the end none of them one but a few of mine got voted in the first round or second round of voting, which was pretty cool to see the judges interested in your work and to talk about it (even if it was about why it didn’t get into next round).

Here are the entries that were voted in first round:

And the entries voted out first round:

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