covered in mud and strobin’ some portraits

Thought I’d share some of the more recent photos that I have shot for fun and for work. Most recently was the Epic Mud Run 2012 at the Midway Expo Center. I didn’t expect the event to be as fun to shoot as a thought. Perhaps it was because of all the rain we got a couple days before that made things extra muddy. Orrrrrr maybe it was because I probably spent just as much time in the mud as I did photographing, haha. Whatever the reason, it was a pretty good shoot and I managed to get some interesting photos courtesy of the rain protector I had covering my camera, allowing me to get spray with water or right next to the splashes of mud. And secondly I’ve included screenshot of some of my favorite photos from the staff portraits I photographed for one of the Missouri School of Journalism’s strategic communications groups, MOJO Ad.

bonus photo of me by Stuart Palley:

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