looking for decent sports portfolio photos, bro

As my pending graduation from the University of Missouri comes closer the work I need to do to get an internship next spring becomes more apparent. With that in mind I have a pretty good idea about what will be in my photo portfolio. While the photos on my website reflect more so who I am as a photographer, the images I’ll need to select for an internship at a newspaper will need to be more inclusive and display more versatility. With that in mind I thought it’s time I look through my old clips to see if I can scavenge for some decent sports images —sports action in particular. I’m not particularly drawn to many of the images I pulled but I’m hoping there some I can use in my portfolio. Please, feel free to leave your comments on images and/or which ones you think would be best suited for a portfolio to show for a newspaper internship. If none are good then just leave a smiley face or something.

2 thoughts on “looking for decent sports portfolio photos, bro

  1. I think 4, 19 and 21 should be your action sports-images.. The framing is good, and the moment is right. I think that’s what newspapers wants to see. But consider showing your coverage of a whole game.

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