getting quality family time: DMJX final picture story.

I was wondering when I would actually end up shooting a story with twins (for those that don’t know: I’m a twin myself. Fraternal.) Last week we pitched our story ideas for our final project at DMJX. While I had impulses to automatically travel somewhere ( I thought of finding a couple that was hitch hiking europe) I also had a story that I’ve been wanting to continue this entire semester. I’m speaking about the very first assignment I did here about the family with twin boys, one, named Bjarke, who was diagnosed with autism and mental retardation. We were given two days for this assignment I felt there was a story there that was worth more than two days. After moving on from the first assignment, I told the family I wanted to continue photographing them to tell the complete story. While I never managed to go back to photograph since then, the time alloted for the final project seemed like a perfect opportunity to spend the time I wanted to get with the family. Plus, I already had access and had made images. Never had I had as much time to work on a story as this.

So in short the story I want to tell will use intimate, daily-life moments to paint a family portrait. However a question remains of how long we spend with our children and when do we send them on their own. Bjarke and Sigurd are 13 years old. Currently Bjarke spends a week at an institution, then a week at home. As Bjarke ages he’ll eventually have to be in an institution all the time.

Anyway, here is a contact sheet of some images I like from Monday as I spent the first time with the family again since February:



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