finding the story behind the clown

Well since my last project post from DMJX we also finished up our multimedia workshop with Henrik Kastenskov and Poul Madsen of Bombay Flying Club. I have to say it was one of the best experiences in learning about in not only about multimedia production but also storytelling. Henrik and Poul really tried to get us out of our comfort zones and to make us think for ourselves. Throughout the workshop they both were encouraging and constructive. It was great to have mentors that gave us some genuine critiques without trying to gloss over things that maybe we were worried to hear but in the end helped our stories and our mindsets for future multimedia storytelling.

In the workshop our class was split up into groups of two and we each had to create a three to seven minute video that corresponds to a theme; ours was arts and entertainment. My classmate Barbara Beltramello and I ended up finding a woman who for the last eight years has worked as a hospital clown at the Aarhus University Hospital.

Pia Cisko was previously a nurse who eventually chose to work on the lighter side of treatment, which is the name we titled the video. While Pia was a great subject to work with, the story wasn’t as complete as we wanted it to be. Pia wasn’t expecting us to film her much more than just a day at work. Barabra and I were eventually able to get one extra interview and some footage of Pia at home, but I still think we came up short. I think we were just anxious to find a subject and when Pia agreed that we could film her at work we weren’t as clear as we should have been about how much time we actually wanted to spend with her.

So, while the final project wasn’t exactly what I was hoping that I would produce, the workshop and production of the video was still a new and encouraging experience. I really learned a lot about working with another person on this project. For one, having not only better communication but dialogue with your partner is key, which I don’t think we did as well as we could have. Planning out the project and trying to be as prepared as much as possible is also another key. It wasn’t really clear about who was more comfortable about being in charge of what for the video, whether it be shooting, collecting, audio, and doing the actual edits in Final Cut. Producing multimedia is an especially stressful experience, but we things are flowing good, you know the work is gonna be just as good, so next time if I’m not feeling things are flowing good I should really speak up and be more open on how things could be better.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun and think our class produced some pretty cool multimedia stories that you should check out DMJX’s multimedia stories website. And finally you can see the piece Barbara and I produced here.

And for those who’ve read the whole post I thought I’d share the feedback we received from Poul and Herink about our project which you can read by clicking here: DMJX Online Feedback


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