horsin’ around

Before beginning our longer term projects at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, our last small assignment was a day the life story. With a couple other ideas that fell through, I ended up photographing horse-trainer Ann-Charlotte K. Nielson at the Jydsk Racecourse. I photographed Ann for two days, one later in the day of her work, the other at the start.

Though I would have liked to shoot a story that consisted of photographing the entire daily moments of a person life, photographing Ann’s day at the race track taught me a thing or two about different ways to photograph repetitive tasks and patience. Each day Ann works she does mostly the same thing over and over. As a horse trainer it is Ann’s job essentially was to make sure each race horse she takes care of get fed and enough daily exercise. Each horse gets taken out of their pen and rode around the race track and then let free in fenced-off areas to roam around. Knowing that she was doing this with each horse I was able to mentally keep track of the kind of shots I had for each situation. This way I could think about different ways of shooting those situations, whether it be to get closer or farther away and to focus on the moments. With this going on all day too, I took a lot of patience to do this over and over, eventually getting to photographs that mattered. Below is the final selection that I brought to class.

I’ve noticed since starting the photo program at DMJX, while I’ve tried to focus on capturing closer more intimate moments I’ve also tried conveying the moods that come from a person’s life. With the selection above, I think the overall mood from the series of images help convey what it feels like to live a day in Ann’s life.

Below is the series of images collectively our class chose for my final selection:

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