smiling after winning an NPPA award.

It feels good to wake up with a phone call with good news. This past Friday morning I got a call from my friend and study-abroad colleague Sarah Hoffman, the first thing she said being, “Congratulations!”

I didn’t know what she was talking about. She saw before I did, the first place award I won in the National Press Photograph Associations‘s February 2012 multimedia contest:

I don’t normally blog about this kind of stuff but this is the first award that I’ve won that I’ve really cared about winning. I mean that because the video that I submitted was my senior capstone project and it really was one of those projects that I actually cared about producing. And now to have it recognized by the NPPA only makes me even better and definitely encourages me to more work that I care about.

2 thoughts on “smiling after winning an NPPA award.

  1. Congrats, Nick! Your video is very poignant and I can relate to it very much. I am a part of a new photography blog/community for people who deal with mental illness, or have people close to them who suffer. We would welcome any of your photography and/or video, as you are someone who is clearly sympathetic if not empathetic. Your photojournalism or more abstract work could really connect (I think you were looking for a home for that work). Please take a look and let us know if you might contribute.
    All the best and congrats again!
    D. and the Broken Light Collective

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