strolling through a cemetary

So if you haven’t already noticed, pretty much every week we have a new assignment at the DMJX. This week the students from the Photo 2 program joined us in our assignment. With Photo 1 and 2 combined, we were then split into groups of three to four, each group then having to shoot a story based around a different theme. Ours was “working.” I had a couple of ideas in mind, one being a neighborhood watch team and a car mechanic. I passed on the watch team due to access and went for the car mechanic. Met up with him and scheduled to shoot the two days we had to shoot, Monday and Tuesday. Both times I didn’t get a response that he was at work. Luckily, on Tuesday, I woke up early and went out to find my backup idea: someone who maintains cemetery grounds. This is where I met Linda Møller. She work in a couple of cemeteries in Aarhus and is essentially a gardener — a gardener that also digs holes for urns. While her work wasn’t the most exciting in terms of pictures —not to mention the god-awful neon yellow uniform I had to work with — but I think I feel good about the images I managed to get in such mundane work environment. While there were other cemetery workers who worked with actual machines, Linda primary stuck with her hands and her tools, which I liked.

On Tuesday after shooting our group met up and we went through our takes to come up with a final five images to turn in for our assignment. The assignment being how to make a good selection of images. Here is the five images my classmates and I chose:

After choosing these images I went home feeling like this selection just quite didn’t work for me. I feel like a lot of the times when choosing images we get caught up in trying to choose all the images that fit either the typical and expected storyform (opener, portrait, action, closer, etc) or ones that match a process (this one being how she digs and plants). First, I didn’t think that my images under either these two types worked or that the images themselves were really that great. Some I really liked, but for example the portrait I have (second to left) I think is pretty obnoxious with the yellow and isn’t that great of a portrait in the first place. After looking through more of my take I began to see more of a theme between colors and details, less so in action and moments. While I want to aim for better moments as a photographer sometimes you have to do what’s best for what you shot. In my case I felt the action/moments shots didn’t convey what it was like to be there or the feeling you’d get from working in a cemetery. So I made a few adjustments and chose this final selection:

Of course I wouldn’t say these ARE the five and ONLY images I need to talk about Linda and her work, but for what I shot I like this selection of images best. The only thing I wish I got was a better photo of her face that match the tonality and feeling from the images in my selection, but she wore that damn hat and looked down pretty much the entire time so whatever. Anyway…ENJOY!

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