trying out new photography techniques: ghostly appearance.

Ever since I’ve started school here at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, I’ve tried to let myself experiment and see things in new ways. As of recently we’ve studied portraiture. The other day during class we went out into the hallways to shoot portraits of each other with our external flashes. I didn’t have mine on me so I starting messing around with a technique I first tried out while at the Missouri Photo Workshop. As you can see from the image below I essentially — in a high key area — over expose the image a good 3-4 stops, so most of the mid-tones are burnt out leaving the lines of the shadows to become the only value other than white. Really gives it an eery, ghostly effect (especially in black and white). I still have yet to find a practical use for this technique in photojournalistic context, but maybe there’s a good chance I can let it inspire me in my shooting at the very least. Aside from the technique aspect, I don’t know why I asked, but I asked some of my class mates to shake their heads in these portraits, while I shot on burst mode. Didn’t realize until I looked at the images on my computer that the sequence of images made for a pretty cool animation. And so, here it is my first animated GIF. (*Click on the photo to see it animated).

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