on assignment in Aarhus

On our syllabus, today is listed as, “Info later.” Yesterday Mads Greve, one of our professors, told us for Tuesday to bring our camera, bus pass and that we would be given an assignment we would have to complete by the end of the day.

Walked into class today at 9 a.m. and we were told right away that we were no longer students at DMJX, but staff photojournalists at Utopia Times (pretend newspaper). We were handed a piece of paper with three assignments to  photographed, edited and turned in by deadline (18:00/6:00 p.m.). First, half of my class — including myself — had to get two environmental portraits of artist Birthe Reinau at her studio. Second, were to get two feature photos of children’s activities related to the Danish weekly winter holiday by shooting at the Steno Museet. Lastly, we needed to get one photo or trains or busses, shot in a creative way.

It was a pretty fun and busy day. Felt like the Columbia Missourian all over again but this time I felt pretty good, even if I was nervous about making it to the specified locations. I don’t think I got super amazing images, but tried to see things a little differently than by the daily photojournalist rule book. Below are my five photos that I turned in for deadline.

After turning these in, I went back into my take and made a personal selection and did some different toning. These photos can be seen below. Again, don’t know if I’ll put any of these in my portfolio, but I’m definitely happy with what I’ve got.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. A young boy rides the 6A bus along Aby Ringvej.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. Birthe Reinau holds up one of her pieces of artwork in her studio.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. Andres Kallesp, 9, stands behind a mirror as his father Martin and sister Sofie, 6, play around with an interactive instillation at the Steno Museet.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. Esben Larsen, 10, places his hand on a glass panel while watching a science show performance at the Steno Museet.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. Esben Larsen, 10, and Hana Elsenoussy, 9, watch a science show performance from the view of the spiral staircase at the Steno Museet.

© 2012 Nick Schnelle. A city bus picks up passengers on Emil Vetts Passage.

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