one assignment down, but not done

This past Wednesday was our final day to get at least our second day of shooting in for our 8210 Århus V photo story. The next day we went through all of our takes and made a final selection of images. It was another great day of discussion of our images as we are practically given an hour to critique each others’ works during the day. I don’t think I got very great photos the second time around, but I did try to experiment a little from my normal habit of shooting and try some longer exposures, etc. While my photos maybe done for this assignment, I believe they are just a beginning to the story of the family’s dynamic with Bjarke. The family has agreed to let me stick around for a while longer until the story is done, so for now I’m just going to post a selection from my second day of shooting. Who knows how long this story will take me — I plan to photograph the family at least once a week — but I will post a final edit once I think the story has been met.

One thought on “one assignment down, but not done

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