moving on up… to Århus, Denmark

© 2012 Sarah Hoffman

Well I guess there’s a lot of catching I must do since my last blog post. Seems like there has been a lot that has gone on in the last month. Since my fall 2011 semester ended at Mizzou I finally had the opportunity to have a winter break — unlike last year when I enrolled in the winter intercession reporting class. I spent most of my time enjoying every moment I could with my best friends in St. Louis, eating plenty of mexican food and seeing a bunch of punk shows in a basement. Though, the care-free fun had to end at some point and that day for me was January 24th — the day I would be flying for a six month exchange program to Aarhus, Denmark.

I’ve been here for a little over a week and it has already been an incredible experience. For one, I have never traveled outside the US. Since I was a kid I had always wanted to visit Europe. Still can’t believe I’m here.

Together with nine other students (including 3 others from MU), I am taking part in the Danish School of Media and Journalism‘s international photo 1 program, the Language of Photojournalism, an intensive semester-long program where we I will only be producing various photojournalism projects. My friends and MU colleagues Eve Edelheit, Katie Currid, and Will Lounsbury have completed the same program in years past and I’m excited to join the club.

It’s been wild, confusing — not to mention cold and cloudy. But this first week so far has also been a fulfilling one. I’m living in a dorm here, Skjoldhøjkollegiet, which is about 5 miles away from the city and I’m still getting used to the bus system here, in addition to trying to pick up on my Danish. Generally the residents here in Aarhus have all been pretty helpful and I can’t say enough of how much I’m already enjoying being around the other international students at DMJX. There are around 15 nationalities represented for this year’s international programs and it’s really quite amazing being around a diverse group like this.

Yesterday, I we all were split into our respective programs — mine being Photo 1 — and we finally got down to business, meeting our professors and getting introduced to what we will be doing for the next five months. The day was pretty incredible. Our professors are pretty serious about us putting out work and I’m really looking forward to working along side the nine other talented photographers. While we thought we would have a free weekend again we instead were given our first assignment. The only guideline we have to follow is we must photograph starting in a certain area code of Aarhus. It is up to us to find a story to photograph one time during this weekend. We must also be able to continue to photograph the same story a second time next Wednesday.

I’m definitely nervous but at the same time excited. Pretty much exactly how I thought it would be and should be.

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