30-Day Works-In-Progress

Since my last picture story blog post I’ve been working on my 30-Day Project, documenting the daily life of Tara Bailey. She is a genuinely cheerful person, working alone in cubicle of an office and supporting two young boys. After years of being told she was severely depressed by therapists, at the age of 38 Tara was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The medication is prescribed keeps her at a level mood, though there are times when paying the bills outweighs being able to pay for her medicine. Though this hurdle can make things tough, she always has a positive constant in her life through her son Anthony.

Working on this project has taught me many things about working on photo stories had I not chose such ambitious subject matter. I think there are many things that I would have gotten more out of this story but I’m pretty pleased with my handling of all the hurdles that came up in the process, which I couldn’t have done without the support of great friends and encourage professor.

Here are some of my still selects. My final project will be finished on the 12th.

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