Picture Story #5

My first project for my capstone class is edited, toned and captioned! The assignment was our One-Day Story, which has us focus on the sequence and meaning to our images creating a five-picture photo story of a personality, relationship, or event. I chose to photograph the Firefighters Weekend in St. Louis. I had a wonderful and meaningful experience with shooting this. It was the first time I’ve shot with a frame limit (300 for this assignment) and I managed to keep cool on bursting a bunch of images. It was actually kind of bizarre shooting like this but it really did make me focus more on how each frame I took would benefit the rest of my photo story. Anyway, the whole point of the Firefighters Weekend is a time to honor and pay tribute to past and present firefighters with multiple events. I wanted to have the sequence of my images  say something about how these events are time of somberness and to pay tribute, but ultimately these events give these firefighters a rare opportunity to think about the relationships they have now with their fellow firefighters and family.

Missouri and Illinois firefighters and event volunteers hold images of New York Firefighters who lost their lives on September 11 to commemorate the 911 attacks as they march underneath a large American flag during the 28th Annual Great Fire Engine Rally Parade on September 10, 2011 in downtown St. Louis.

David Rodriguez, Chris Molitor and James Arnold salute during a 9/11 anniversary memorial service in front of a backdrop of 2,996 American flags, one each for the lives lost on 9/11, on Art Hill in St. Louis on September 11, 2011. Rodriguez, a firefighter of six years, said being at the memorial makes him appreciates all those who just went to work that day doing their job and died.

Tim Mahnken, Joe Ross and Frank Carter hangout on top of St. Louis's Ladder Company 20 fire truck as they wait for the start of the 28th Annual Great Fire Engine Rally Parade. These annual events to honor and pay tribute to firefighters became more personal to Ross when he lost a close friend, and firefighter of his company, who drowned swimming. "Last time I was at a a fire engine rally he and I were together," Ross said.

Travis Loughary, second to left, laughs during a conversation with fellew Dupo, Ill. volunteer firefigthers as they eat breakfast on September 11, 2011 at the Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 restaurant in St. Louis. The restaurant and bar is a regular hangout for many local firefighters.

St. Louis firefighter Mario Montero chats with fellow firefighter Aaron Buchanan as he smiles, holding his four-year-old daughter Macy during a candlelight vigil to remember the St. Louis area firefighters who have died on duty, on September 8, 2011 at the Firefighters Memorial Statue in downtown St. Louis. Around 200 firefighters attended the vigil, which the names of local firefighters who were killed while on duty.

+2 outtakes:

St. Louis firefighter Keith Willmann bends down to look at a temporary rememberance wall with images of New York City firefighters who died on 9/11, on September 10, 2011 in downtown St. Louis.

St. Louis firefighters Joe Ross and Warren Sleep watch from on top of St. Louis's Ladder Company 20 fire truck the procession of firetrucks and firefightes march during the 28 Annual Great Fire Engine Rally Parade on September 10, 2011 in St. Louis. The parade is apart of Firefigthers' Weekend, which runs Sept. 8-11 to honor and pay tribute to firefightes.

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