making memories in Belgrade, Missouri

This past weekend my family and I went down to Belgrade, Mo. to spend the Saturday and Sunday and my grandfather’s rural property. The property itself I’m guessing is maybe 10 acres large with four-wheeler trails, open pasture and a lake that is a few acres large itself. It was a blast as we got there Saturday around 10 a..m. — coming from St. Louis — and we spent the whole day fishing, swimming, four-wheelin’, grillin’, playing washers and a whole lot of drinking. I managed to get some really great photos while still able to put my mind off shooting to enjoy my time. It was pretty fun near the end of the night as we were all winding down from our slightly tipsy stupor I photographed my family using some painting with light techniques. It was a blast to show ’em what I can do. Sadly my grandpa, seen in image #4, is getting older and can’t take care of the property much longer and has to sell it. I’ve grown up visiting the lake my whole life and my family and I are hoping the new owners would be kind enough to let us enjoy it in the future.

I put up a Facebook album with my full edit of images but I wanted to showcase a select 10 here to show.

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