witnessing S.W.A.T. hostage rescue… training that is.

So after I came home this morning from school I went out from house on Saint Joseph Street and headed toward downtown for some lunch when I noticed a CPD officer was taping off the property of homes between Ash and Walnut Streets off College Avenue. I asked and he told me they were conducting S.W.A.T. training exercises in the homes of the property — it will soon be demolished for development. It was strange to watch it all go down in an area so close to downtown Columbia. Plenty of onlookers wondered if it was the real and had to be reassured that it wasn’t — the CPD doesn’t send out press releases for these kind of things as not to draw a lot of attention. I called the Columbia Missourian about the visual potential and a couple photogs came down to check out and they put up a brief with some photos. Luckily Mr. Christopher Parks had a 70-200 I used for a couple of the images. I might inquire about photographing their regular training exercises held on shooting ranges but for now here’s what I got:

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