on an enterprise run… and winning

Even though I was without a car today (engine is going on possibly) I still rode my bike around to enterprise for photos for the Missourian. There was one assignment on the budget for today. I went around Greektown and snapped some photos there and then biked along Garth Avenue to see what else I could find. I biked past a woman watering the plants in her garden — that took up her entire front yard. I turned around and asked her about taking photos. I was expecting just a photo to accompany the “what are people doing on the 90-degree weather day,” but was pleasantly surprised with what I learned through talking with her. Judy Fry spends almost everyday taking care of her garden. The devotion shows. She won Yard of the Month award in July 2008 from the Columbia Garden Club, she told me. Fry was raised on a farm as a child and spent a considerable amount of time in her mother’s garden. In 1983 Fry was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which give her symptoms of exhaustion, chronic and severe burning pain, lack of coordination and depression. “I live my life like if you didn’t have sleep for two days,” Fry said. In addition to the medication she takes, Fry’s devotion to her gardening helps her take her mind off the pain. Spending so much time in her garden has given Fry quite the reputation among the children around the neighborhood, who she lets pick flowers when they visit. “It’s the kids that keep me going,” Fry said.

©2011 Columbia Missourian Judy Fry waters plants in her garden on Monday, May 9, 2011 outside her home on North Garth Avenue. Fry has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and working on her garden is a way for her to keep her mind off the pain. In July 2008 Fry won the Yard of the Month award from the Columbia Garden Club.

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