two weeks down, two to go

My second to last week of reporting for the Columbia Missourian is almost up. Pretty weird to say that. But it’s easy to see why the time has gone by so fast. Now that I’ve been drenched in this experience of being a reporter it’s finally starting to sink in. I still think I have a lot to learn—I know there is something always to learn. The second week left me thinking about how to come up with story ideas every day. It’s true, there are stories everywhere and at the same time I’m left wondering where they’re at. It’s all about digging in the world around yourself. And with that I’m constantly trying to get better at.

A lot of the second week was spent waiting for sources to call me back on a couple stories that I’ve finally gotten a hold of this week. As a result the lesson to learn from that is learning to be working on multiple stories, some on the “front burner” and some on the “back.”

Another part of my experience is to take on more complex stories. While I still have yet to write a more feature story, my city council “expertise” led me to a story another student had been working on most of the fall semester: the “polluted” Hinkson Creek. I’d like to thank my editor on this story Scott Swafford for helping me with this. It took a lot of reading previous articles written on this, a lengthy summary and other info on this topic to bring me up to speed. I wrote an advanced story about the resolution the council would vote on and then a story on the actual vote. That night of the meeting was brutal. I had wrote a good portion in advance but deciding what information to use afterward was extremely difficult and frustrating. We talked about it the next day in budget and where I got some tips from Katherine Reed on dealing with this. I thought I should pick the best quotes by people, but what I really should of done is kept tabs on themes that came from the meeting that night. Then I could of laid it out better in the story.

It’s simple things like this that can go a long way. Oh well. On the upside I got to take photos of a mountain lion that was shot (got word of it when on my GA shift on Monday.)

Here are some of the stories I’ve been working on since my last blog post:

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