doubling down on flash

With the unfortunate event of losing a memory card I have only been able to work with one 4GB memory card since October 30. And during this week I’ve been keeping busy taking photos, working soundboards and blogging for the College Photographer of the Year judging taking place at MU. It has been an amazing time, but down right draining. I spent 13 hours in Tucker Forum yesterday. During this week I have also been working with using multiple flashes for my Advanced Techniques course. We took some sweet photos last week in our lab and I felt pretty good going into this assignment. This slightly changed however after our initial idea to shoot a washer’s tournament fell through. Luckily my roommate told me he and this buddies were going to play bike polo up at the Hitt Street garage. My accomplice, Katy Mooney, and I went up there and were able to get decent exposures, but only while we were idle. Once they started playing , I had to run around, getting close enough and making sure my camera (with the infrared transmitter) was facing the direction of Katy. This led to maybe one out of every seven images even being usable. Trying to get a decent exposure, and both flashes to fire, proved to be the most difficult part in this constantly moving environment.

Here are some from that night:

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