painting graffitied walls with light

While most of the assignment for my Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism course I’ve been pretty familiar with, I’m glad to have finally done a technique I’ve never set out to do: painting with light.

I was partnered up with Katie Currid and Sara Johnson. We had a couple of ideas to shoot abandoned buildings or student athletes but they fell through. So, we set our eyes on some graffitied sewers in Flat Branch Park. It was pretty exciting to finally get to experiment with this technique. The area was pretty dark and we weren’t getting any ambient light from street lights near by. So the three of us determined the exposures for each part of the photo we wanted to do: flash on the walls, painting the ground with a heavy-duty flash light and paint in the graffiti with gelled flashlight. Here is the photo we produced:

I’m pretty happy with our handling of the technique, but I wish we had gone a little further with composition and experimentation.

2 thoughts on “painting graffitied walls with light

  1. Thanks man! Yeah, I really wanted to mess around in the location more. We only really shot to get this shot down. I like the idea for multiple planes. I thought about adding a person running around with the blue or green light away from the “BOHO” and “CHAOS.”

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