announcing he’s not just an available light photographer!

Going into my Advanced Techniques class, the notion that of being only an available light photographer should be left at the door. Not all situations would you want or could just blast up the ISO to have adequate exposure. In order to get a photo that is outside the dynamic range of your camera sensor you’re going to have to use flash. For this assignment we had to use flash as to fill and balance the available light. The past weekend I shot the Mizzou Gameday and the Zombie walk, but I didn’t think the photos were the best reflection of what the assignment called for. So the other I saw some people were working on the Fay & Smith Production Farm, an urban farm near campus, and got some fill flash photos there. Pretty cool area. All kinds of veggies, herbs, beehives and chickens. I also shot, as kind of a last ditch effort, inside the Rock Bottom Comics store for the balance portion of the assignment. Here is my select for this assignment:

While the flash is a little strong, and the focus isn’t perfect, I thought this was the best photo. You get a good idea of the scenery, the subjects and it captures part of the activity. There were a couple were the flash was more seamless with the available light, but they lacked engaging visual content. Here are some of the outtakes:

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