didn’t get much sleep, but got great photos

Sorry folks but no I wasn’t in Columbia for the insanity that happened after MU upset OU. I wish I was though! Anyway, my weekend was still fun and full of a variety of photo opportunities. For one, I did at least wake up at 6 a.m. to photograph the filming of the ESPN College Gameday coverage on Saturday morning. Only had a three and half hour nap prior to it, but it was well worth it. After I felt like I had covered it as thorough as I wanted to I drove back to St. Louis. There I shot some happenings going on in the Loop, including a table set up that was doing chemical experiment to celebrate a unit of measurement used in chemistry, the mole. Didn’t listen much more into it. However I did get free, dry ice-made ice cream. Later that evening I went back to the Loop to photograph the Zombie Walk, where more than 50 people dressed as zombies (complete with fake blood, open wounds, guts, etc.) roamed Delmar Blvd. from the Starbucks to the Pageant, and back. Most people were into it, but some people were genuinely annoyed or scared. The next day I photographed a guy by the name of Mike Hill, A.K.A. Smoke@dellic, for Jupiter Studios. He wanted to have a concept of him smashing a ghetto blaster on train tracks for his album cover. So we shot around on train tracks near the Home Depot of south Kingshighway Blvd. He came with his girlfriend and their three-year-old son, so we also got some cute family photos. Whew! What a weekend!

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2 thoughts on “didn’t get much sleep, but got great photos

  1. Damn. Busy–and productive–weekend. Awesome shots. I so wished I could go to CoMo and toyed with the idea of going last-minute. My friend Amanda’s boyfriend is a photoj student at Mizzou and apparently ESPN wanted to use one of his images from Gameday (yay!) for free (boo). He turned’em down on principle. Small win for pjs, I guess.

  2. Thanks! Yeah. Tell me about it. Because I woke up at 6 a.m. to shoot College Gameday the entire Saturday felt almost like two days. Was up for ultimately for 22 hours. I knew I probably should have stayed for the game. I just knew the town would go nuts if we won. Oh well. Do you know his name? Or what’s Amanda’s last name? Yeah, apparently some of my friends here had their photos ripped off from their web sites. That’s good he turned it down. If his photos are a good enough quality that ESPN wants to use them, then in the short run the no money from it hurts, but in the long run his skills should pay off.

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