swimming (or drowning) in a sea of “ugly light.”

The challenge for our J4558 assignment the past week was to, as our T.A. Clay put it, “match the ugly.” Translation: find environments with tungsten and fluorescent lighting then use gels over our flash to color correct. At first thinking of places that would have certain kinds of lighting was the problem. Eventually the ugly lighting got the best of me and I ended up finding myself in a ditch. Subjects had to change locations before I could finish, multiple subjects denying photos and figuring out ugly was more painful than I thought. My first subject was Bob Wood who works at Dawson’s Shoe Repair Shop. After him, I also shot greek students practicing for pre-lims for homecoming at Jessee Hall. That never transpired due to the sporadicness of the students leaving and entering the location. After they came and gone I noticed a student drawing. Not much engagement here, but at least he was stationary.  Not to say that I didn’t learn anything in this assignment, but at least it’s good to know something I should practice a little more on my own time. There were plenty of other photos with great compositions or had lighting we were not able to color correct digitally, so this ended up being my select:

Bob Wood, 63, shaves off part of the leather using a finisher machine at Dawson's Shoe Repair Shop. Wood is among a family of shoe repairers, his father and grandfather. He said he began the craft when he was around 19-years-old.

While this wasn’t my favorite image from my takes, I thought it was the best image in the context of what we set out to accomplish in the assignment. Here are other images from my take (*unedited mixed lighting scenarios):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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