canning around

OK. So in J4558, after moving on from shooting our classmates we moved on to shooting subjects that had complete control over, but wouldn’t mind showing off defects: metal and glass. This assignment was a joint effort with another classmate, one shoots metal and the other glass, both assisting one another. I chose glass. While the assignment was a learning experience for all of us demonstrate that we could light metal and glass, we also had to create an image with journalistic context. For me this was recent developments of home canning or jarring foods. I had heard about the story on a public radio show a while back and after reading this New York Times article on the topic I had come up with my concept based off the title of the article: “Preserving Time in a Bottle (or a Jar).” I can see how the concept isn’t very creative, but had I done a more complex concept lighting it could have been a more time consuming (not to mention money consuming). In the end, though, I am happy with my image being well lit and simple. Coming soon: photos using a single flash in an active situation where people are interacting and/or experiencing honest emotion.

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