Photographer Unknown

thinking about food or animals in jars.

While we just got done with our first actual assignment for J4558, Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism, we’ve already started to begin thinking about our next challenge: Shooting glass and metal. A daunting endeavor it seems. However, our professor, Rita Reed, explains that shooting these materials are quite easy because they play buy the rules. You just need to know them. And so I began thinking about what I might want to photograph for our assignment. Instantly I thought of food. And what do ya’ know, my partner for this assignment, Katie Currid, thought of food too: Katie’s photo blog. Then, I started thinking about photos I have seen in Sauce Magazine, a St. Louis publication dedicated to dining, drinking and living in St. Louis. Plus, I love there photography. For some reason then I started thinking about how can preserving is making a come back during a public radio show. USA TODAY has a good example of what I was thinking about. A photo on from a New York Times article has a photo of something I might like to do (Photo left). Then I started thinking about a couple independent stores in St. Louis that have preserved animals in jars as well. So I could do one like on photo right. We’ll see soon which way I decide to approach: The appetizing or the appalling…

© The New York Times

Photographer Unknown

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