celebrando el día de la independencia de México

Independence Day is here again! … or at least the Grito de Dolores, or Mexican Independence Day, that is.

Top: Festival patrons form an open area on the street for anyone who wants to show of their dance moves. Bottom: Tacos del pastor. Mmm.

Technically not until September 16th, this past weekend the Cherokee district of St. Louis celebratedthe Mexican Independence Day, also marking it’s bicentennial, 200 years since independence from Spain, and centennial, 100 years since the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Like many of the festivals on Cherokee Street throughout the year, like Cinco de Mayo, that include great music, food, and lively people, this one was no exception. I had been hanging at my friend’s place on Cherokee Street on Saturday night and had seen all the amazingly drunk/happy patrons of the festival leaving. The following day – after waking up at 7:30 a.m. to get tamales (so good) from Diana’s Bakery, an authentic Mexican bakery  – my friends Meghan, Germ and I ventured toward the festivities. We didn’t stay for too long but did have time to try some pineapple with crushed red pepper, watch a dance off, eat tacos del pastor and eat some cotton candy. The last photo was taken as we were walking back toward Germ’s place where we walked past by children who were fighting, but karate-style.

Sigh. Good ‘ol Cherokee Street.

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2 thoughts on “celebrando el día de la independencia de México

  1. Great photos.

    Random, but I recognize the girl in some of your shots. Not sure if you know Laura Miller, but we went to school together and I remember seeing a portrait she’d taken of her. Sorry for the random fun fact.

    And man, your food looks delicioso.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah I know Laura. I met her through Dani a couple years back I think, with other Webster-ites. I see Laura has began work with Sauce. I might be working with them soon too, actually. The girl you’re referring to in the images is Meghan Cowling. Yeah, I remember seeing those portraits of Meghan by Laura. Solid stuff.

    y si, la comida fue muy deliciosa. Have you ate at any of the eateries on Cherokee?

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