filled with love, both in my heart and stomach.

This is the veggie platter from one of the Ethiopian stands.

There only comes twice a year a time where it is relatively acceptable to gorge yourself with food: Thanksgiving and Festival of Nations. As with many other festivals in Tower Grove Park, the Festival of Nations is no exception for being around great people and good vibes. The only exception is the outstanding food! And this past weekend I went both days, as well as LouFest! Saturday my friend Meghan and I first got our sweet fix outta the way early by devouring a chocolate-toffee cookie and cinnamon roll from Sweet Art (probably the best place to get cupcakes and veggie burgers in STL). Then we hit up Festival of Nations. We both ate pies filled with spinach or meat from the Argentinean stand, then I had some chicken curry from the Indian stand. With our stomachs full we figured we’d at least try and see if we could get close enough to the LouFest grounds to hear the music. We went and we sure did! Practically 10’s of feet away from the stage. And all for free! We watched Built To Spill and Broken Social Scene (by far my favorite performance). The next day (Sunday) Meghan, Germ, and I hit up Festival of Nations again. I got a falafel with hot sauce from the Israeli stand, which was flavorful, but could of used some more lettuce. Meghan got a stuff-grape leaf that had nuts, rice, and some sort of sauce in it. Next we all dove into a veggie platter from one of the multiple Ethiopian stands. An amazing dish that had lentils, cabbage, spinach and some spicy concoction. We then got some cheap, fresh-squeezed lemonade, hit the merchandise booths then ate some apple pie to end the day’s worth of food. We then hit up LouFest again and watched Jeff Tweedy and She & Him. All-in-all a great weekend, for sure.

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