hunting for windows

Soulard - 2010

Ahhhh, Spring Break. Finally, here. Not quite though for me. Due to low income and a heavy workload for school I decided to not go anywhere in terms of a road trip. However, for this weekend I did go back to St. Louis. I had to shoot the hip hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for the RFT last Friday so I decided to stay in the Lou for at least the weekend. While I was in town I spent Saturday and Monday taking photos around Soulard and the Cherokee/Benton Park area; South City is probably my favorite area of St. Louis. While on my journey through the streets and alleyways I was mainly shooting for an on-going project of mine covering windows in St. Louis. I first began the project in my Photo 3 class at Meramec, in 2008. After the critique and comments from my professor I was inspired to turn the assignment into an a project I could keep adding work to. The meaning, thesis or what-have-you, to the project is how windows are a device for people to see into an out of an environment. Some are open, inciting a voyeuristic mentality; many are closed-off (whether by blinds or shades;) possibly reflecting the a hostility what’s behind the window and those looking inside. Often times the conditions and accents of windows in addition to the reflection environment surrounding it, depict a story of the area. Through the collection of various, yet similar windows of an area I think is an abstract way of learning about a city or neighborhood. Part of my fascination with windows I think has to do with St. Louis architecture (brick has a lot to do with it.) The rest I think is that windows are something that are easily accessible to photograph. By photographing a lot of them you can then discover that the variation among them becomes that much more obvious and interesting.

In addition to photographing windows I also took the time to try and interact with some of the people in the area. I came upon some kids playing around along Cherokee Street and talked with them, before taking there photo. I also stopped to talk to a man sitting in front of his house.

4 thoughts on “hunting for windows

  1. Thanks! It was fun just interacting with random people. Makes street photography easier. And yes, South City is definitely a place you should explore more. I photograph down there all the time if you want to take photos sometime.

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