Shooting from the sidelines

IMG_7412 bw2

Defensive end Aldon Smith drags to the ground running back Daniel Thomas in the second quarter at Kansas State Saturday. K-State rushed only 112 yards while MU rushed for a total of 138 yards.

IMG_8267 bw2

Wide receiver Danario Alexander runs 80 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter at Kansas State Saturday. 80 yards is the distance of the longest play allowed by K-State this season.

I finally shot my first sports, football game at the Missouri v. Kansas State game yesterday. I was happy to have sports photos included in my portfoio. Unfortunately I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning to get ready to carpool with other writers/photographers to the game in Manhattan, Kansas. The four hour drive wasn’t too bad as most of us slept part of the way. I on the other hand was awake for most, having had a cup of coffee before the drive. The other two photographers were Grant Hindsley and Jeff Lautenberger, who were two great guys to work with. We arrived at the stadium with aroud an hour to spare before kick off. Me and Grant got all our shit ready headed down to the field. I really wasn’t too nervous on the drive to the game, it being my first college football game and all, but when I was out on the field trying to get all my camera settings ready, I did kind of feel like a fish out of water. I thought to myself, “How do I go about shoot moving obects agiain?” Once the first quarter was through with though, I was feeling much more confident with my abilities and became comfertable with shooting. By the end of the game I knew I did a hell of a lot better than what my expectations were for myself when I took on the assignment. With my sports cherry popped, I now feel ready to shoot whatever else sports has to offer me!

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