On patrol with the Columbia Police Department Street Crimes Unit.

IMG_5266 copy2

Columbia Police Department officers question a man about an suspected criminal in the area Thursday afternoon in central Columbia. The officers are with the CPD's Street Crimes Unit, which is responsible for warrant arrests and gang violence within the city.

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride with a cop? (For those who haven’t been arrested…)

As I was driving up to the Columbia Police Department yesterday I was preparing to find out. It’s not everyday you get asked if you want to ride with a cop and take photos, which I was asked the night before taking a ride with the CPD’s Street Crimes Unit. The unit, comprised of three officers and suprivisor Sgt. Brian Richenberger, surveys areas of the city with high crime rates to combat gang violence and arrest individuals with warrants out for their arrest. I arrived at the headquarters downtown and met with Officer Chad Gooch whom I would be riding with that day. From 3 P.M. to around 4:40 P.M.  Gooch  and I went on patrol with the two other SCU officers, Cathy Dodd and Thomas Quintana. Throughout the time I was with them, the team collected information from helpful citizens at Douglass Park, managed to arrest one person with warrants, and went searching for two other individuals whom were not able to located. The whole expierence was quite the heart pumper at times, but for the most part it was fairly low key. I definitely would do this again!

For the story on the Street Crimes Unit please check out the Maneater article here: Street Crimes Unit works to reduce violent crime

Please also check out the slide show of photos with full captions here: Law and Order: Street Crimes Unit

One thought on “On patrol with the Columbia Police Department Street Crimes Unit.

  1. Some damn fine work, my friend. The Montage is doing blogs now as well, you should check mine out. Carlos has one too.



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