@ the #artRAC tweetup

IMG_8328 panoLast friday I went to my very first ever tweetup. Before, I was usually a little unsure about going to previous tweetups. Usually because there are just held at some bar and I had no idea if people just show up and hang out or if there are actually speakers or some sort of formal presentation of somesort. On friday though it was somewhat different. It was an art gallery reception/tweetup at the Regional Arts Commission in the Delmar Loop. The sponsers included River City Professionals and NPR affiliate KWMU 90.7, with also a Twitter discussion from LoFi St. Louis and RFT’s @billstreeter

It was a warm and inviting summer day down in the loop as the doors to the gallery of the RAC were open to the public. Inside artwork created by what I heard to be students (manly young) throughout various St. Louis school districit’ s who collaborated with artists to create a piece of work. Each piece had a note on the wall that included a hashtag of the child and artist’s name (ex: #Lisa/Amity) so various tweeps could tweet about the work while walking throughout the gallery.

For it being my first tweetup, I would say it had been quite interesting and I was not as anxious about as I thought, about meeting other twitter users, as I was about just enjoying the whole expierence.  Next time though I’ll need to bring cash with me so I can get a glass of wine.

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