Getting tips from the Doctor


Loveline’s Dr. Drew Pinksy visited Mizzou today to give his lecture An Evening with Dr. Drew in Jesse Auditorium. This was a very short shoot for I was only able to shoot the first five minutes of his lecture. I was dissapointed when I heard this, because previously during the Run D.M.C. event I was able to shoot all of it. I wasn’t going to complain though, I’m no one special. I managed to shoot 93 photos, which isn’t bad for five minutes. Not the best photos, just you average run-of-the-mill “person speaking with hand gesture”, so I tried to get some good angles atleast. It was kind of nice though to be able to sit down and listen to him though after the five minutes. His lecture reminded me basically of one his shows. His radio-esc personality was definitely there as he gave a Q&A with the people in the audience, with topics ranging from drinking to hook up, womanly instincts, HPV, our chromosomes, and social issues in relationships. Drew, I thought, presented himself in an informal yet formal way to the crowd, somewhat similar to the way his radio talk show sounds. The purpose of the lecture Drew says was “not to tell you what to do, but to share my thoughts and experiences” after he has been talking to young people for a long time, which I thought brought an informative yet comedic open discussion much of the crowd felt comfertable towards.

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