Planning a photographic road trip

That’s right people. The past couple years spring break has come and gone, because I decided to do nothing more than just sit on my ass and let the time pass by. Well not this year!

My spring break starts next Friday, the 20. I’m frustrated that none of my friends spring break’s match up with mine, but now it actually gives me the opportunity to not hang out at home and to get out and do something. I initally decided I’m just going to drive; drive in a direction, just to drive. Along my drive I want to take photos literally non stop to get the most out of every day. So if I figure to get the most out of it I better go somewhere, not just in a direction. I thought it over and now I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m going to travel to Chicago for a couple days, then ultimately to Milwaukee for a couple of days. I get excited the more I think about it actually. Probably cause I haven’t done anything adventurous in a looong time. And it’s about time. I need it. A change from the never ending cycle of wake up, go to school, homework, sleep, repeat.

I’m also utilizing a website called for the first time. Basically its a social network site to find people’s couches/beds you can stay at while you are traveling somewhere. I’ve already found some vey interesting people and think it will be a great expierence in itself just by doing this.

Things I want to see/take photos of:

Chicago: Wabash Ave. Bridge, both John Hancock and Sears Tower buildings, the “egg”, Navy Pier, Crown Fountain in Millenium Park, Chicago harbor lighthouse,the trains, Chicago cultural center, Field Museum (T.Rex), Art Institute of Chicago, anywhere along the lake, Chicago river, Brach’s abandoned candy factory, and of course just traveling around the city and eating good food. (Not deepdish pizza of course)

Milwaukee: MIAD, the art museum, everywhere in the historic third ward, the milwaukee riverwalk district, the Harley Davidson museum, the Miller Brewery (get myself a fresh Pabst hopefully), and same as Chi-town, just venture around and see cool places and get good food.

Hopefully I can borrow a laptop from someone then maybe I could even post photos while I’m there!

More to come as the 20th approaches.

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