Photographing the homeless

These are the photos I shot today for the Maneater:



Jeffrey "Wolf" Lynch left, "Iron Mike" right

The story is about the increasing number of homeless in Columbia. I don’t really think there is that many. Columbia is such a small city (if you can really call it that…) that if your walking around downtown your gonna see one. Today I met Jeffrey “Wolf” Lynch, a well known homelessman aparently, and “Iron Mike”. They were both just sitting on a bench & I offered them cigarettes and had small talk with them. Wolf is 38 and was born in Haight-Ashbury, a district of San Francisco. Throughout his life he has done his share of the common drugs, coke, acid, weed, but is mostly an alcoholic right now. “I’m not drunk right now he told me. “Well not yet atleast” his friend “Mike” tells me as we laugh. Wolf goes on to tell me that they basically stay where ever they don’t get arrested, i.e. not near cops. This is another reason why, despite the phrase “bum”, Wolf tells me he is up early every morning ready to move on to his next destination.


That destination, he may not know, which is what sums up their lifestyle. Living life literally day to day. I finally ask them one last question about what their favorite food is. “Mike” answers, “Heh, whatever is free!”

I gave then gave them a cigarette each and thanked them for their time.


One thought on “Photographing the homeless

  1. Poverty is a globol phnomenon needs to be addressed at the earliest. This is more dangerous than any other epidemic or threat. The world should stand together in removing the poverty and minimising the income inequality to attain sustainable growth and development.

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