Walking Into Creepy Places


For any of you who have ever drove St. Louis to Columbia on I-70 you can see there’s a lot of cool abandoned structures (houses, barns, billboards, etc…). Atleast if there’s not many things photographic in Columbia, I can always shoot something on the side of the road. When I was driving back home from Mizzou this weekend, I’m glad I left early in afternoon, cuase I found this sweet abandoned house. It looked like something out of a movie. I pulled onto Exit 188 on 1-70 East (I believe the exit was from Truxton, MO). Luckally this place wasn’t  fenced off and was close to the exit. I pulled over into the grass and put on my gloves and grabbed my camera and braved the fucking cold.

The entire inside of the house was even open. Nothing was even boarded up, like they just left this place to rot.

2 thoughts on “Walking Into Creepy Places

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