Turning the last page…

I walked to my car outside of the Student Center building yesterday at 5am, just rapping up the last issue of the semester and the last issue for me as a member of the Meramec student newspaper.

This marks a turning point in my life as I will be graduating from Meramec at the end of the semester and transferring to Mizzou in the spring.

I first joined the Meramec newspaper back in the summer of 2007, not really interested in journalism so much as I was having my photos published. Before working for the Montage I could of cared less about the state of world around me, I was just shooting bands and taking photos of my friends, and making some money from it. But, as I kept immersing myself into the newspaper more and more, staying later, taking more assignments, I began to appreciate the news more and more. Shooting a news assignment was so much different than taking photos of my buddy’s band, but it was a difference that intrigued me and interested me. I think what turned me over from doing commercial/portrait work to photojournalism was that it gave me opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Numerous presidential rallies, on the field of Busch Stadium, Body Worlds, the Kirkwood shootings, the spring floods. I got to cover all these events/stories and it makes me more prouder to shoot these than any band.

Even though working for the Montage sometimes pissed me off, annoying, & time consuming, at the end of the production night when I have good photos and/or great looking design, it makes it totally worth it.

Check out my flickr page for images and page designs from the Montage: http://flickr.com/photos/schnelle/collections/72157604675967032/

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